Manuel Neuer wins Golden Glove, 2014 World Cup

Manuel Neuer is the new owner of the World Cup Golden Glove. The German goalkeeper was the best goalkeeper in the 2014 World Cup and some say he is reinventing the goalkeeper position with his sweeper runs out of the box.

His timing during those runs is indeed infallible and he is reading the game like a world class sweeper would. When it comes to saves, he wasn't tested that many times in this tournament but those saves he did make, he made them look easy. That's how the great goalkeepers are doing it. Neuer is taking the award from Iker Casillas, the 2010 Golden Glove. The other main candidate for the award was Keylor Navas from Costa Rica, but Neuer overtook him in the final two matches as he made several more sweeper runs - actually not making any notable saves - and that was enough for him to win the award.