Netherlands knock out Costa Rica in the penalty shootout

Netherlands had to work hard for the victory in the quarter-finals against Costa Rica and eventually getting it, deservedly, in the penalty shootout which they've won 4-3. Costa Rica have played deep defence throughout the match and only had 36% possession and three shots on goal. The Costa Rican goalkeeper Kaylor Navas made 14 saves but this time around he failed to make a single save in the penalty shootout, which decided this match. Louis van Gaal replaced Cilessen with Tim Krul for the shootout and the Newcastle goalkeeper saved two spot kicks, winning the match for Netherlands.

Costa Rica haven't played an inspired game like in their previous four matches and opted for deep defence instead, rarely leaving their own area. The Dutch were attacking but couldn't break through, and even when they did the amazing goalkeeper Kaylor Navas would deny them. The Dutch had several promising opportunities throughout the match and some of them looked like goals but still Costa Rica and Navas managed to keep a clean sheet. Netherlands had the possession advantage but most of their 64% time on the ball was spent on the defenders passing the ball among themselves as there was no opening up front.

The Costa Rican chances were few and far in between as they rarely even managed to reach the penalty box. They were dangerous when they did, but Joel Campbell, Bryan Ruiz and the others didn't look so inspired this time around and it's possible Los Ticos were already exhausted by the demands of this tournament.

Same goes for Kaylor Navas, at least when it comes to saving penalty kicks, as he failed to make a save and allowed the Dutch to score four times. Since his counterpart Tim Krul saved two, Costa Rica are going home. The Dutch didn't even have to make their 5th shot as Krul saved Urena's attempt in the final series.