Neymar Out of the World Cup

Brazil may have progressed to the semi-finals with their 2-1 defeat of Colombia but their star player and poster-boy of the 2014 World Cup, Neymar, is out and won't play again.

Brazil were stunned when Neymar was stretchered off after a clumsy tackle and taking a knee to the back from by Colombia's Juan Zuniga. Writhing in agony, Neymar was obviosuly in a lot of pain leaving the stadium and it was later confirmed that he'd suffered a broken vertebra in his back.

Rodrigo Lasmar, the Brazilian team Doctor confirmed that although he won't need surgery to recover, Neymar will need to immobilise his back and that he'll be unable to play in any of the forthcoming games.

Zuniga later denied that there was any malicious intent saying, “"I never meant to hurt a player. I was on the field, playing for the shirt from my country, not with the intent to injure. I was just defending my shirt."

With his goal scoring talent, netting 4 and also a goal in a penalty shootout in this World Cup, he'll be missed by a Brazil team who haven't played to the best of their abilities so far, although they did get a little redemption in the Colombia match.

Brazil's Neymar
Neymar has been a keystone of the games Brazil have been involved in and it'll be interesting to see how the team copes with the loss of it's star player against the strength of the German team who are playing well and look like they may have some more in reserve.