Germany beat France 1-0 and advance to the semifinals

Germany are the first team to advance to the semifinals of the 2014 World Cup, and they did so against visibly exhausted French team. The match was largely uneventful with Germany scoring a goal in the 13th minute and then spending the rest of the match routinely coasting to victory and occasionally threatening from counter attacks. Germany now wait for their opponent, it will be either Brazil or Colombia, they're playing later tonight and you can read our match preview here.

The French team didn't look anything like the team that won 2-0 against Nigeria in the round of 16, and right from the start it was obvious the team is tired. The hot temperature and high humidity took their first victim in this tournament and it was France as they just couldn't do anything in this match. Paul Pogba spent the match being frustrated with his team being utterly harmless, and he did nothing himself. Coach Didier Deschamps seems to have made mistake with the substitutions as well, and left useless Griezmann on the pitch and brought on equally useless Giroud at the same time. France just couldn't do anything to turn this match around, and the golden chance Karim Benzema had in the final minute was just an accident.

Germany didn't seem to play at all, they were saving energy and protecting their lead, and only in the final third they would show their skills. However, they have failed to score despite creating several notable goalscoring chances. The Germans seemed to have it easy in offense as the French were completely unconcentrated and would make bad back passes and couldn't run to catch the German player. Still they somehow managed to concede only one goal.

This match was ruined by the heat and France didn't even have a chance to do something about this match while the Germans had the favored position as they only needed to protect their lead.

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