Netherlands get a dramatic 2-1 victory against Mexico

It looked like Mexico will advance to the quarter-finals as they had a 0-1 lead three minutes before the final whistle, but Netherlands turned the tables with a powerful goal by Wesley Sneijder and a penalty kick won by Arjen Robben and scored by Klaas-Jan Huntelaar. It was the most dramatic victory in this tournament, and the Mexicans will have a lot of regrets as they've decided to fall back and protect their lead too soon.

For almost the entire match, Mexico were absolutely dominant on the pitch. The Mexicans were dominating the midfield and their Dutch counterparts were completely beaten. Since Netherlands had no power in midfield whatsoever, Robben and Robin van Persie were completely cut off and couldn't do anything. The Mexicans were in firm control of the match but they haven't managed to create a good goalscoring chance in the first half.

In the second half that changed quickly as Giovanni Dos Santos scored for 0-1 in the 48th minute. It was a deserved lead for Mexico, and as time went by the Dutch were more and more disheartened as there was nothing they can do against this Mexico. However, the Mexicans did them a huge favor by abandoning the approach that worked and deciding to protect their lead. This finally gave the Dutch the edge they were looking for as Robben finally could get some time on the ball.

The Dutch started dominating, and had some promising chances but hit goalkeeper Ochoa every time until Wesley Sneijder scored a powereful shot for 1-1 in the 88th minute. The referee gave six minutes of injury time, and in the 94th minute Arjen Robben was fouled in the penalty box by Rafael Marquez. Klaas-Jan Huntelaar stepped up and scored the winner.