Colombia routinely knocks out Uruguay with 2-0

Uruguay have followed Luis Suarez in departing from the World Cup as they lost 2-0 to Colombia in the round of 16. Young Colombian star James Rodriguez scored both goals. He was the star of the show as he delivered a virtuoso display, and Colombia will face hosts Brazil in the quarter-final match on 4 July.

The game started quite boring and it took a moment of James Rodriguez' brilliance as he scored for 1-0 in the 28th minute for the match to really kick off. That goal was scored purely with the individual ability of Rodriguez, the newest star in world football. Uruguay didn't do much, the defensive team was really left toothless by the departure of Luis Suarez. Forlan, Cavani and Rodriguez have largely failed to do anything meaningful on the offensive end.

Soon in the second half Colombia would score again to raise the score to 2-0 and this time it was a team effort, again scored by James Rodriguez. It was the 50th minute and the match was as good as over as Colombia fell back to protect their lead and toothless Uruguay only managed to test the goalkeeper a couple of times.

It was a routine victory for Colombia, if there can be a routine victory in the World Cup knockout round, and that's a testament to the quality of this team. James Rodriguez is giving Colombia an extra dimension in offense, and this energetic and passionate team deserved to be in the quarter-finals as this is already their fourth consecutive victory in this tournament. They will now prepare for the big match against Brazil.