Brazil knock out Chile on penalties after 1-1

Brazil knocked Chile out of the tournament with a dramatic penalty shooutout victory after the match ended in 1-1, a score set in the 32nd minute.

Brazil started the match well and they were dominant, but what was really notable were their attempts to draw a penalty kick by simulation or doing the same near the edge of the penalty box to get a free kick in a dangerous position. Brazil's soft domination was capped by an own goal scored by Gonzalo Jara. The goal was incorrectly credited to David Luiz from Brazil but he never touched the ball. Anyway, Brazil were 1-0 up. It didn't take long for brave Chile to striker back as Hulk lost possession in defence and Alexis Sanchez calmly made it 1-1 in the 32nd minute. After that there wasn't much excitement in terms of goal chances for either side, until the very last minute of extra time when the substitute Mauricio Pinilla struck the crossbar and therefore almost won the match for Chile. The game was very alive for an hour until exhaustion started to affect both teams.

David Luiz scored the first penalty for Brazil, and then Julio Cesar saved Mauricio Pinilla's effort. Willian then missed the goal for Brazil, and Julio Cesar then kept Brazil's advantage by saving a shot by Alexis Sanchez. Marcelo and Aranguiz scored in the third series, making the score 3-1. Hulk then missed his penalty, allowing Marcelo Diaz to equalize the score to 2-2 before the final series. Neymar scored his penalty and then Gonzalo Jara missed, becoming the tragic figure of this match for scoring an own goal and not managing to score a penalty kick.