Brazil v Chile - World Cup R16 match preview

Brazil will have the honor of opening the round of 16 in the 2014 World Cup as they meet Chile on Estadio Mineirao in Belo Horizonte. This is what the Brazilians have been preparing for, and they're more than happy to just leave the group A behind and all the pressure that goes with it. Group stages are extremely tricky, even for Brazil.

The Brazilians have performed well in only one match, against poor Cameroon, where they won 4-1. The opener against Croatia has almost gone horribly wrong for the hosts but the referee saved them. The Brazilians showed weakness in their match against Mexico as well, drawing 0-0 and actually looking like an equal team to Mexico. The Mexicans have played a high tempo match with a lot of pressure, and the Brazilians couln't cope with it. Problem is, Chile are playing in the exact same way.

The Chileans have shocked Spain and sent them home, and the performance has been stellar. That was the second match Chile played, and in their opener against Australia they've been dominant but have shown some weaknesses as well. These weaknesses didn't show against Spain a couple of days later, but were again evident against Netherlands and Chile lost that one.

The defeat by Netherlands is casting a shadow on Chile's ability to perform well more than once, but they will be at their finest against Brazil with the energetic game designed by Jorge Sampaoli.

While Sampaoli has found the playing style that works in the World Cup and is very surprising to the other teams and difficult to play against, Luis Felipe Scolari has absolutely failed to do the same with Brazil. There is no tactics here and Scolari keeps failing to involve all players into the game. Brazil is a one-man band, Neymar is doing everything himself and the other players know it so they're just assisting him and trying not to be in his way. This worked for Brazil to a certain extent so far, and now it remains to be seen can a team with no tactics and a star player advance through the four matches of the knockout round.

These two teams have meet quite often throughout history, they have played 68 matches, Chile winning only seven. Brazil and Chile have played two friendlies last year, the first one in April finishing 2-2 and Brazil winning the November clash 2-1. Belo Horizonte holds its breath as Brazil prepare for one of the trickiest opponents in the tournament.