Switzerland beat Honduras 3-0 this time around

Switzerland were in the same situation now as they were in 2010 - they needed to beat Honduras in the third round to qualify for the knockout stage. In 2010 they have failed to do it and got stuck in the group with 0-0 against Honduras. this time they didn't allow such an upset to take place and they won cleanly 0-3 with a hat trick by Xherdan Shaqiri.

Honduras had 61% possession in this match but they couldn't break down the organized Swiss side. Ottmar Hitzfeld deserves credit for cleverly letting Honduras dictate play, knowing that his own side aren't the best when it comes to attacking a defensive opponent. Switzerland are a primarily counter attacking side and this time around they have used it to their advantage, as opposed to 2010 when they pushed Honduras into their penalty box and launched waves of toothless attacks.

Xherdan Shaqiri score for 0-1 already in the 6th minute, allowing Switzerland to assume their preferred defensive stance. Shaqiri made it 0-2 in the 31st minute, adding the third goal in the 71st and therefore taking care of this match for Switzerland.