St. Mirren edges Kilmarnock 2-1 at Rugby Park

With Scottish fans waiting for the September 5th match against Macedonia coming up and Scotland looking to qualify for next year’s World Cup tournament.  Scottish fans of Kilmarnock and St. Mirren gathered at Rugby field to witness the match between the two clubs. 

With Kilmarnock having home field advantage there was still something missing, striker Kevin Kyle.

There was an announcement before the match that the captain and chosen player to represent Scotland in the World Cup would not be playing due to injury. 

Not only did Kyle miss the match against St. Mirren, he will also be absent for the two qualifier matches when Scotland faces Macedonia and Netherlands.  Not only was Kilmarnock missing Kyle, but they also were missing Jamie Hamill and Danny Invincibile. 

However with a score during the first half by Kilmarnock gave fans hope that without Kyle they still are able to win.  After the break the Saints came out striking.  Saints striker Stephen McGinn was the key element of the second half giving the Saints two goals and helping them capture a win at Rugby Park. 

The home team had the momentum in the first half and into the first four minutes the Saints started their rally and was declared the victors 2-1.