Scottish Cup - Perth Parties!

Perth partied last night after celebrating the biggest day in the history of St Johnstone following their emphatic win over Dundee United to take the Scottish Cup back home.

Celtic Park was the arena for the biggest game in Scottish football so far this year and it was always going to be a tense nail-biter of a game and it didn’t disappoint.

The winning team, St Johnstone, were prepared and ready for the Dundee Utd onslaught but the players stayed magnificently composed when under pressure and the cool headedness of the players paid off.

In fairness, by comparison, the United team didn’t bring their best game to Celtic Park. However, they did manage to create plethora of chances but Lady Luck wasn’t shining their way on the day and they couldn’t find the back of the net – although it wasn’t for the lack of trying. They can play better though, and they knew it.

The Saint’s Manager, Wright was dealt a crushing blow early in the season when Dundee Utd put 4 goals past the Saints. It was a drubbing and a poorly executed game by the Saints. Wright picked the team up though and going into this match they’d met 4 times with St Johnston scoring 8 and Dundee unable to add to their goal tally of that first fateful game.

Wright has asked a lot of the team but they’ve done well for him and going into the final, he was as chilled out as you could get with such a big game in hand. He knew his guys would be playing for their life and they didn’t let him down.

As Captain Dave McKay lifted the cup skyward amid an explosion of blue and white tickertape, the St Johnstone’s history books added another chapter with their first major cup win in 130 years.

St Johnstone's Chris Millar, quoted, "For us, it's something we'll never forget. I've been here six years and I'd be happy to stay a lot longer. It's such a great club."