Poker and Football

We know it’s not football but we’d like to point you in the direction of another pastime a lot of us enjoy and that’s poker.

 Combine the two and you have a recipe for a lot of pleasure sat in front of a screen and probably a lot more ear-ache from your other half as well! With online poker being played more and more each day, it’s worth having a quick look at a new site that will let you indulge in the best of both worlds.

It’s primarily a social networking site, the likes of Facebook or mySpace, but for poker players and there are some good football discussions going on in there too.

The site is Poker Nations and it’s rapidly gaining ground on most other social networking sites as it mixes the social side of things with free giveaways and raft of other great interactive options.

What makes the site special is the mixture of things to do.

Poker players can really get involved in the social side of things, making friends, sharing photos, etc. Too many social networking type sites stop there and there’s little else to do but Poker Nations has incorporated a ton of other nifty ideas to enhance the experience and get more people involved, keeping the site active, friendly and building a real online community.

We’ll have a quick look at what’s on offer here but if you really want to get a feel for the site pop on over to and have a look.

First off, there’s a nice active forum where players can discuss strategy, tactics, good or bad plays or just chat about things in general. There are normally a few funnies running in here at any one time which makes a nice break from reading in-depth strategy, even if it is written by some of the Professional Poker Players that frequent the site.

On the subject of professionals, the site has a number of them that are actively involved in assisting players of all calibres on the aspects of playing poker better. Some also run personal blogs within the site that makes for some great reading and gives you a feel for how the poker professionals lifestyle really is.

Want a poker blog yourself? No problem. All members can create and update their own personal space and you can of course let everyone know how that football team of yours is doing too.

Back to the football, go to the Groups section of the site and you can get involved in some of the football discussions as well as poker. The banter is good and due to the International spread of the site, there is a wide variety of takes on any one discussion.

The more active you are on the site, the more virtual chips you accumulate and these can be used to enter the prize giveaways. There are some top prizes on offer including a trip to Vegas for next years World Series of Poker!

One of the features we really like is that you can Twitter or follow your fellow Twitterers from within Poker Nations. This is a real boon, it’s like having two great sites rolled into one!

Poker Nations has a lot to offer, much more than we’ve touched on here, so get on over to see what it’s all about. Over 18s only though. Register as a member and check out the football groups and get some great discussions going.