Chelsea makes 4 Year Deal with Ashley Cole

Before the transfer deadline that was set to end Tuesday evening there were many notable transfers throughout football world.  After sealing the deal on John Terry’s five-year deal recently to keep him with the club, Chelsea is dedicated to keeping their valuable assets with the club. 

Chelsea gave one of their highly noted left-backs Ashley Cole a new four-year deal.

With this deal Cole is one of the team’s highest paid players netting around £120,000 a week.  This deal shows how concerned Chelsea is when it comes to keeping its premiere players.   The left-back who is known for his knowledge of the sport and his total dedication to the club he plays for. 

It is more likely that the 28 year-old Englishman will definitely finish his career at Stamford Bridge alongside captain, John Terry.  Chelsea’s quest for a championship, the club is making key transactions dealing with players and non-players to help make it possible to obtain another FA Cup. 

Blues manager, Carlo Ancelotti is delighted on the returning of the Englishman and will not have to deal with bringing a new player to the club and losing a valuable asset, such as Cole.  So with the transfer deadline over Chelsea can now focus on another FA Cup.