Nathan Tyson in Hot Water with Football Association after Melee

The incident that caused ruckus when Nottingham Forest striker Nathan Tyson displayed bad sportsmanship in a match against Derby County has him in hot water with the Football Association (FA). 

The FA, who will then decide how to discipline the striker for his actions after the match, is investigating the striker whose actions caused a mass brawl including fans, players and non-players.

At the end of the match between Nottingham Forest and Derby County, Forest’s Tyson ran to the end of the field where Derby County fans were sitting and started to waive the corner flag that has Forest’s team emblem directly at over 4,000 Ram fans who, traveled to see Derby County take on Nottingham Forest. 

The action by Tyson caused the both teams to get involved in the melee caused by Tyson.  There is a huge rivalry between the two teams that resulted in fans and teams causing a mass brawl. 

Not only has this incident brought unwanted attention to the players of both teams, but also the FA.  The FA has a pending investigation going on the can possibly result in fines or suspension. 

Both teams are willing to work together to help resolve the issue and prevent it from happening again.  Nottingham Forest fans recall when Derby players once waived their flags at Forest fans and stated that the actions Derby players weren’t investigated.