Manchester City Signs Veteran Defender Sylvinho

After being a valuable asset to Barcelona last season in their Championship League final over Manchester United Brazilian defender Sylviho has a new club to focus on winning a title for. 

The veteran fullback has been a valuable asset to the clubs that he was a part of giving his former teams and clubs medals and championships. 

Sylviho signed a one-year contract with Manchester City and will prove that he can win with any club that he is a part of.  

After being released by Barcelona he was immediately signed and proven to have the capabilities to help bring a title to any football club. 

He is the seventh player to sign this summer with Manchester City.  His resume has many titles and championships and his addition to this club will not only keep players from scoring but also provide cover for Wayne Bridges. 

His professional expertise and knowledge of football is something that many players today lack and there aren’t many players left that can take teams to win Champion League titles and La Liga medals.  

Man City is looking forward to having Slyviho provide defense to their club and is ready to include him in the upcoming Carling Cup, if they receive international clearance.