Liverpool Looking to Keep the Winning Streak Going Against Villa

Liverpool is one of footballs most noted clubs competing in the game of football and is looking to keep the tradition going.  Aside from football’s most notable team Manchester United, Liverpool is also a threat in the Premier League.  After their opening loss to Tottenham, Liverpool is set to battle their way to the top of the Premiere League. 

Liverpool has defeated Stroke after taking the defeat Tottenham..  Villa also has had a rough season so far since their first match, which was a loss to Wigan. 

Liverpool hosts Villa Monday Night in Liverpool.  With Liverpool having home field advantage many fans and sports bettors are leaning towards Liverpool capturing a victory. 

With one of Liverpool’s key players on the sidelines recovering from back surgery and a doubtful Martin Skrtel may give Villa the upper hand.  Both teams have handicaps in this match Villa’s Luke Young will miss another match due to the death of his brother.