Anelka is satisfied with Playing for Chelsea and Seeks New Contract

Sometimes there are some professional sports players that are satisfied with the club they play for that they’ve made themselves at home that they don’t want to leave. 

That’s how Chelsea Blues striker Nicolas Anelka feels.  The French striker who led the Blues to many key victories and many goals that were placed on the score board by him. 

Not only is Anelka satisfied with the team that helped boost his career he is also seeking a new  long term contract that will keep him with the club even longer.  Even with the coaching change Anelka would still love to be a part of the Chelsea Blues.  Anelka is also content with the new coach’s policy on giving players rest and keeping them on the sidelines to keep them from getting fatigue and still being able to score goals on fatigued opponents.    With a new contract for Anelka and a strategic coach only gives Chelsea an opportunity to win a major championship.